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  Anya Ayoung-Chee
  Graphic Artist
  Design Manager

Yes guys you are looking at Trinidad and Tobago's representative for the 2008 Miss Universe pageant. This 26 year old will be proudly carrying our local flag to Crown Convention Center (Diamond Bay Resort) in Nha Trang, Vietnam on July 14th where Over 80 contestants are expected to compete for the Miss Universe crown.

Miss Ayoung-Chee is a woman of many talents; motivation is her key to success. A design manager at ABOVE, a multidisciplinary design studio and modeling with household name Meiling and other notable local designers Anya has created a recipe for her life that many hold back on. A natural born artist, Anya a past student of St.Joseph convent, Port-of-Spain was fortunate enough to be awarded a scholarship to study at Parson's School of Design in Manhattan where she obtained a bachelor degree in Communication Design and also at Central Martins School of Art and design in London.

Qualified and beautiful Anya also gained experience in Soho, New York as a junior designer with a package design studio. Actively involved in Social work with organizations such as the Tallman Foundation which reaches out to youths of Gonzales, Laventille teaching them about performing and the world of visual arts and Iremember, another organization geared at creating projects for the nations youths to remind them about the ole' time days, and the values that have been lost in today's society.

If you were to write about yourself what words would best describe you?
I would say that I am a passionate, focused, creative minded, multifaceted and social individual who loves spending time with friends and family.

What inspires you on a daily basis?
The thought of meeting new people. I get to see and learn things from a different perspective.

What would you say was you biggest achievement in life?
Winning the Miss Trinidad and Tobago Universe pageant. I never expected to cop this title and it is definitely a high point in my life. I remember when my name was announced my head went blank...I was so surprised as I never expected to win. I must admit that my life has changed. This is a journey of great things.

Lets get personal are you single?
No guys I am taken and yes he is a great guy that I love and admire. We have an amazing relationship and most importantly he is very supportive of my dreams.

What characteristics in a man do you admire?
I love a man who is passionate and compassionate about what he does. He should be willing to share and impart knowledge unto others. Physically... I don't really have a particular type but once he understands the term ‘good hygiene', and has a great sense of style and persona .Oh! How could I forget humour, he must be funny or at least try to be.

So we know what you admire but what characteristics kill your internal fire?
Arrogance, narcissistic, lack of style. A man needs to create his own style; it reveals and expresses his level of confidence.

Are there any economic issues or social issues in our local economy that you think needs to be addressed urgently?
Yes Government spending! The monetary resources that are invested into some government projects do not benefit the general public, there are a lot of Ministries in dire need of substantial support and I am of the belief that a great portion of these funds should be invested in the health, education and agriculture sector. This in turn should increase the benefits for the average man in the street and hopefully make life a little bit easier for him.

Which designer outfits you the best?
Three words, Meiling, Meiling, Meiling. We have worked together; this woman is like my second mother.

What words do you live by?
Be the change you want to see in the world by Mahatma Gandi.

Tell us about your modeling experience?
I started modeling when I was 4 years old. I did some print and television advertisements. I started runway when I was 15 with fashion designer, Meiling. Thereafter I did some more print and magazine ads and I modeled with local fashion designers. I enjoy Modeling but I consider it to be hobby.

Describe two things that people love about you.
People love that I am spontaneous and outgoing.

Do you have any secret talents?
I am very flexible and I could move my left eye-brow.

What food is irresistible to you?
I love scallop potatoes, and eating doubles right after a party. I usually order a single Bara with plenty channa, pepper and a spoonful of mango or tamarind sauce whichever one is in season.

Now let's enter the dark closet and pull out some of your embarrassing moments.
I have a lot of embarrassing moments but the most memorable one that stands out was when I auditioned for SHINE, a 3CANAL show. They asked me to sing Destra's I dare you and let me inform you guys I cannot sing, so you could just imagine how those verses sounded. But strange enough I got through.

Do you have any mentors?
I look up to my mother and I really admire and respect Angelina Jolie as she is living out her dream but at the same time she maintains her personality.

Do you have any words of advice for young women who would like to be in your shoes?
Be yourself. Listen to your inner voice and shine.

What is your favourite colour?
Black. It is the ultimate go to colour, it is solid and very reliable.

What do you do with your free time?
I take this time to listen to myself. This silent space provides me with a platform to think about all my life experiences, a time of reflection and introspection.

Any last words?
I just want to represent my country to the best of my ability at the Miss Universe pageant and I also want my design work to be driven by the passion and beauty of this twin isle, Trinidad and Tobago. Creating an awareness of all the social ills and successes that we as a people have made over the years.

In case you want to know about Anya check out her blog spot at -



Trinidad and Tobago's representative for the 2008 Miss Universe Pageant



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